What kind of service does SHIEXE Design offer

Architect Drafting

Architect Drafting

Architectural drafting and design involves the creation of drawings and models used to build structures, the plan are including the kitchen extension, front car porch extension, manufacture, interior design, F&B outlet, new structures and many other which relative with the building.

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Architectural layout Submission

Architectural layout Submission

Seeking for the approval from the respective GOV department (DBKL,MBPJ,MPSA,MPS,MPSA,MPK,MPAJ, and other state ). This is the most important process which could build your own dream place before the work start, we provide the service for layout submission to the respective GOV department. And obtain the approval from the GOV approval for your dream place.

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Interior Design (Condominium , Landed Property)

Interior Design (Condominium , Landed Property)

We are going to expense your dream place to the next level, our superior designer will help you to draw the design and implement to your current new extend space, not only design the concept, we can provide the cabinet design for suit your dream word too!

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Bungalow Design and all new build building

Bungalow Design and all new build building

Architect drafting is the first process to create your own building, we listen to your need and create the design according your fantasy idea. It is just easy as what you think and save your time to forgot all the hassle, Here we have provide the list that our job scope which is our service

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    Quick submission for the authority (DBKL, MPSJ, MBPJ,MBK,MPS,MPSA)

    Yes, we are offering the special service for someone who are urgently to have the architect drafting and submission. We will put you in the first priority and complete your request as the estimation date and submission for the GOV department to get the fast approval.
    • We will done the drafting within few day.
    • We will submit your layout for the respective Dept approval within 1-3 week.
    • Valid for House renovation, office renovation only (manufacture and landscaped is not entitled)

    Request for the service now!
  • Free consultation and quotation

    We are willing to come for your site and do the site inspection and advice before the work getting start, this is very important for all the progress. Here we are offering the service as below :

    • On site service and consultation
    • Quick quotation
    • Technical question about the submission and drafting/li>

    We are all welcome to call us for more information
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    3-Interior Design for Condominium and Landed property

    Shiexe design is an interior and architectural design firm company which we provide the ID service and cabinet which able to fulfil your dream house.

    • Interior design
    • Landscape design
    • Cabinet and furniture supplier
  • Submission for shopping complex for renovation and all new design for the counter and construction.

    We provide the service for submission for the shopping management and drawing service, and all in one service from design drawing – discussion – submission of management – construction. With our top constructor the job may complete within the shopping management time frame.

    • interior design and drawing for 3D
    • Submission of the management
    • Discussion with the management
    • Construction for your shop
    • Promotion counter boost design
  • Bungalow and New building

    Architect drafting is one of the main position before build up the building, We provide the service from A to Z in order to save your time and trouble for your need.
  • Notice “Beware of the offering”

    We have received many of the customer who have asked the DBKL “insider” and they are offering of the submission and drafting service, here we are not recommended to have their service due they are strictly prohibited to sub the project to their friend. The submission will never come to the end because they can’t attend the meeting in the DBKL and submission beside the DBKL! And they try to cheat the plan charges from your, and give you the excuse to avoid the un successful submission!

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Why choose us

Why choose us

We are care about customer and know what his/her need, as usually we will spend more time on the customer in order to make sure our quality service is the best serving. We also provide the one stop solution which is inside – out from drafting –interior design to construction.